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Computer Science Portfolio


Uses AToMPM - A Tool for Multi-Paradigm Modeling

Over the summer before my senior year, I worked with one of the Ball State professors to create an alternative to's "Hour of Code," featuring the characters from Angry Birds.

The Client - Professor Ergin

Professor Ergin

Huseyin Ergin is an assistant professor at Ball State University and the director of the Capstone Connector.

The Problem

Professor Ergin wanted to put a spin on the traditional block-based method of learning how to code, instead opting for one in a Model-Driven Environment.

The Solution

To make a functioning alternative, we used AToMPM, a modeling framework web application. Its rule-based model transformation environment helped to provide us exactly the API we needed, and the first fully-functioning iteration of MDEforALL was created by the end of the summer.

AToMPM Go to GitHub tree

Friday Calendar

Email Syncing Application

For my capstone project in my senior year of college, we were to find a client who wanted a project created.

The Client - QuantumRhino


QuantumRhino is an Arizona-based tech-solutions company that works with and through Salesforce.

The Problem

QuantumRhino requested a web app that would allow registered users to sync multiple calendars together so that events and meetings would show up on every email. This meant working with Google and Microsoft APIs to ensure correct syncing.


The Solution

In the end, we used GitHub, AWS, NextJS, React, and Microsoft and Google APIs to host and execute our project. AWS was used for a serverless framework and lambda functions, and NextJS and React were used for a clean user experience.

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My Website

A Comprehensive Look

Knowing my line of work and wanting a way to share it with the world, I decided to look into getting a website.

The Client - Me


It's me. I'm the client. I am currently a Junior Application Developer at DB Services, an Indianapolis-based database creation company.

The Problem

While website creators like Wix are useful and easy to figure out, they are ultimately costly and do not provide as much freedom as building your own website. Therefore, I decided to build it all from scratch and start over after using Wix for half a year.

The Solution

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I was able to make a fully-functioning website. Although there aren't many complicated "moving parts" to the website, the reader for my book, Luna on the Run, took me a few days to complete and master.

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