The Ghost of the Hindenburg - Announcement
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The Ghost of the Hindenburg - Announcement

September 30th, 2022

Tes had prepared for the plane crash. What she hadn't prepared for was the game of survival afterward.

Stranded in the desert, she and her remaining classmates are seeking shelter from the harsh climate when they come across the battered remains of the Hindenburg, an airship that had been lost for nearly two decades. The group takes refuge inside, but when the disembodied sound of sobbing fills the halls, they start to wonder if the haunted ship should've remained lost.

The Ghost of the Hindenburg is a short(ish) story set to release two chapters a week starting November 2nd, 2022, on Wattpad and Royal Road. It is also available here as a bonus when buying Luna on the Run on Amazon.

Click here to go to its page: Ghost of the Hindenburg

Sometime soon, you can also expect news about The Steam War's sequel: The Brass Dove.

The Ghost of the Hindenburg