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Introducing Patreon

January 14th, 2023

I've always had a dream of making my writing a sustainable habit. On top of all the other things happening in life, being able to write is dependent on the circumstances. There are weeks that go by where I have the time and resources I need to work, and there are dry spells where I can't touch it for a month. In hopes of providing more consistency for myself and you, I have an idea that will benefit both parties!

Introducing my new Patreon account. Here, you can support me by becoming a monthly patron while getting some perks for it. For example, in the second tier, you can get a free paperback copy of one of my published books every other month on top of other added perks. For both tiers, you get access to my weekly/monthly release stories, like Luna on the Run and any upcoming ones, a week early! On top of that, when the short stories are done, like The Ghost of the Hindenburg, you can get a PDF of the story with all the chapters for free.

I did my best to keep the price options realistic. For the first tier, the one without the paperback copy, it's $2 a month. The paperback version is $5 a month, which essentially means you'd pay $10 for the paperback while also having access to the other perks. And, of course, the payments are cancelable at any time! I wanted to keep you, the reader, in mind, because I know there's not very many significant bonuses to this other than a cheaper paperback copy of some of the stories. And unless something drastic happens, there will never be Patreon-exclusive content, meaning there's no stakes if you choose not to join. Nothing about how my normal releases function will change.

Interested? Take a look at my Patreon today and see if it looks like a fit for you! As mentioned on the Patreon, for the month of January, any new patrons who join the $5 tier group will receive The Steam War that month, and The Brass Dove in February if you're still a patron!

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