Luna on the Run - Finale
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Luna on the Run - Finale

July 17th, 2022

It’s here: all twenty-two chapters of Luna on the Run, now available on my website, on Royal Road, and on Wattpad! Luna on the Run will remain completely free for anyone to read on all three websites, and I may add it to more as I find them.

So, what now?

With all twenty-two chapters releasing on a (mostly) weekly basis, it’s hard to make sure every single chapter is up to standards before release. Some of them were at a lower quality than others, and I intend on fixing that. This will probably take me a month or more, as I have recently gotten a full-time career job that will take away from my writing time. The new edited version will slowly replace the old release version, once again completely free.

And, after all the editing is done, I want to self-publish it! I want to offer paperback copies to anyone who prefers them. They will be at a lower price than a standard book of this length, mostly because you can already read the entire story for free online. This time, however, I will be releasing Luna with an extra short story attached: The Ghost of the A.S. Hindenburg (or something to that effect). More will be revealed about it later in its own post, so keep an eye out for that!

Did you enjoy Luna on the Run? Remember to support me and my further works by following on Instagram, Twitter, or on any of the websites where you can read Luna!

There’s lots on the way: A paperback Luna, the short story, The Brass Dove, and Orion and the Clockwork.

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