Luna on the Run - Wattys Shortlist
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Luna on the Run - Wattys Shortlist

October 19th, 2022

Luna on the Run has made it to the shortlist for the Wattys awards! Thanks to everyone for the support so far. I honestly never expected this to happen (and I far from expect it to actually win any awards).

That said, there are strings attached.

With the news that Luna is on the shortlist, it means that it will be available only on Wattpad for an indefinite time. In the case that it actually wins an award, at least a year.

This, obviously, changes the Amazon release date. I still aim to release it as soon as possible, but as of right now, it has been purged from Royal Road and my website.

With an uncertain release date, this has also affected the release date of The Brass Dove, which I now aim to release come the end of January. This gives me enough buffer time to actually deal with the change in Luna's scheduling. The Ghost of the Hindenburg, however, will still have its first release on November 2nd.

Luna's journey is far form over! If you'd like to give it a read and support it on Wattpad, follow this link! Thanks again!

Luna on the Run on the Wattys Shortlist