Orion and the Clockwork Announcement
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Orion and the Clockwork - Release

February 23rd, 2024

Orion has been chosen to be protected by the Clockwork, a seemingly indestructible metal golem designed to guard him at all costs.

He did not sign up for this.

Add to the fact that a man named Syndra has taken over the country and wants to kill him and steal the Clockwork, and his relationship with Rami, a boy from the countryside, is cut abruptly short because of it, and Orion finds himself wishing the mysterious machine had never chosen him to begin with.

Orion and the Clockwork will be available starting TODAY on my website, Royal Road, and Wattpad! Join the original vigilante duo of Carmsborough in the prequel to Luna on the Run, with a new chapter releasing every week!

Orion and the Clockwork