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"Secrets don't keep once they're airborne."

On board the Globetrotter, a steampunk flight school for aspiring airship crews, Cog and her closest friends gear up for their third year of classes. But when a mysterious transfer student threatens to rock the boat and expose Cog’s hazy past, a global war looms over President Jimmy Carter’s historic press conference, and a jealous love triangle endangers her friendships, their school year promises to be anything but normal.

About the Author

Despite being a senior in college, Michael has always had a love for writing that stems from writing a short story about turtles on his family computer in second grade. From there, he never stopped writing, and wrote his first ten-thousand-word book in the third grade, igniting his passion for storytelling.

Now, the only thing stopping Michael from writing more is his schedule. Ideas like The Steam War and its inevitable sequels keep him up at night, plotting his creative path forward.



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